Sante Granola Fruit 350G

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ALLERGENTS: Milk and products thereof (including lactose) as molluscs and derivatives: no, cereals containing gluten yes, soy and derivatives: such crustaceans and derivatives: no, celery and derivatives: not fishes and derivatives no, eggs and products thereof: no, mustard and derivatives: no, peanuts (groundnut) and products thereof yes, sesame seeds and products thereof: no, Lubin and derivatives: no, sulfur dioxide and sulfites no, nuts: yes, NUTRITION: Unit g / ml: g / 100g introduced Nutritional value: Yes Energy value kcal (energy) in the declared unit (g or ml): 431 kcal, the energy value kJ (energy) in the declared unit (g or ml) 1811 kJ , the portion size: 50 g protein content (s) in the declared unit (g or ml): 7.6 g, content of fiber (s) in the declared unit (g or m